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    Travel safe without regrets

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    Every Family should live happy without stress of unseen issues

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    We are always there for you

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    Medical bills should not strees you up

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    Personal Accidents cant be avoided sometimes

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    Bring your ride to us

Even the most protected risk can give rise to unexpected losses. Justnice Insurance Brokers seeks for the company that takes care in designing products with the highest level of insurance coverage and recommends them to us 

Education is the key to the liberation of our people, empowering your children and loved ones with education is the best thing you can do for them. However it is sad that the opportunities available to many are left to go begging as the parents/guardians have no money to cover the costs involved. To salvage this situation we developed an

This policy provides cover for loss of or damage to the property insured by Fire, Theft or any Accidental means not excluded by the Policy. It is suitable for mobile items like cameras, laptops, personal computers, videos and other fragile electronic items, personal items, baggage etc. Due to the mobile nature

Our health insurance products offering a comprehensive set of health benefits to employer groups in Kenya and across the continent of Africa.
We cater for healthcare needs across a number of different income brackets to ensure the most comprehensive cover at affordable rates.

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